Oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein (OxLDL)






What is Oxidized LDL ?

Oxidized LDL is the atherogenic form of LDL, directly involved in the initiation and progression of the atherosclerotic disease process.



  • A Biomarker for subclinical development of atherosclerosis.

  • Strongest predictor of future Coronary Heart Disease events.

  • Powerful tool in assessing Metabolic Syndrome risk.

  • This OxLDL ELISA is based on the highly specific monoclonal antibody.

  • Elevated OxLDL levels correlate stronger with cardiovascular diseases than LDL-cholesterol.



Figure 1 When dividing blood levels of LDL-cholesterol (A) and OxLDL (B) into quintiles, OxLDL correlates much stronger than LDL-cholesterol to the percentage of patients with CAD in each quintile.

(Johnston et al. (2006) Am J Cardiol 97:640-645.)


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